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ParDesign - YourROv1 - Free FluxCP Theme

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File Name: ParDesign - YourROv1 - Free FluxCP Theme

File Submitter: ParGFX

File Submitted: 23 Apr 2014

File Category: Web Resources





1) Do not change the Designer

2) You must download Content Management System

3) If you have CMS now ( if you are admin, Log in to your site then click News , then Add a News, after that Look at the Home Page)


If you want more unique and more exclusive design

contact me on my facebook

Email : [email protected]


Facebook Fanpage





<--- Hall of Fame --->


Go to main folder then edit the HOF

for the images

Player : (img/potm/M/4016.gif) <--- Just change it 4016 - Assassin Cross 4013 - Champion

M - Male | F - Female

Guild : Get the emblem of the guild that will be Guild of the month


<--- SlideShow --->


Just change the picture at img folder


<--- New Item --->


Copy a image from your data folder or GRF

Don't change the size but change the file name

Example : bunnyhood.bmp make it 1.bmp up to 9.bmp only

then to make the new item auto slide

Go to js folder

edit jquery.jcarousel.min.js

find : auto:0 <--- change the number only

0 = Not Automatic 1 = Automatic


<--- For the links --->

Link for Ratemyserver, Forums, Facebook Fanpage , Twitter, Youtube , Download , Rules

1) Go to Main Folder and Edit ParGFXConfig.php

2) Change the Link now


For QuickLinks

1) Go to Main Folder and Edit QuickLink.php


<--- For the WoE --->

1) Go to main folder then edit WoE.php

2) Just Change the Time only



Do not add schedule

3 Box only





For the Logo


1) Open the PSD File in the folder

2) After you open the PSD

3) At the Right Side ( Layers )

4) Click the BG Group

5) Select All then Cut

6) Click File then Open

7) Go to the default folder that what you download

8) Then Go to Img Folder Click bg.jpg to open it

9) Then paste then click Selection Tool then erase the upper side ( Use Common Sense :D )

10) then click again the PSD go to ( Layers again ) Find the Logo then change it then Merge the logo then copy then paste it on the bg.jpg then place the logo where you want :D done.


// ================================================== //

// ======== PAR DESIGN FREE FLUX CP THEME ============= //

// ================================================== //

// = Author: ParGFX ===== //

// = Compatible: CalciumKid's, Xantara's Flux ===== //

// = Do not redistribute this theme without my permission ===== //

// = Do not sell this theme. ===== //

// = pargraphicstudio.netii.nett ===== //

// ================================================== //


1) Download FluxCP from Xantara and Install it.



2) Download Flux CMS from CalciumKId and Install it.



3) Download Vote For Point from JayPee and Install it.



3) Extract the folder in your desktop


4) Copy the default folder then paste in your theme folder



If you want More Exclusive and More Unique Just pm me on my facebook ( [email protected] )


Click here to download this file

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Hmmm ... Next Version Paps :D

3 month already xD


I got busy in my school i was a 4th year highschool student :D


same with me. hahaha

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Why i can't register id ragnarok?


When i click Create My Account.It will Birthdate field must not be empty, Format for Birthdate is YYYY-MM-DD



Edited by GubA

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Anyone can help? The vote for point page works on default page of fluxcp, then i installed free design  (Using this design ParDesign). Then when i tried to open voteforpoints it says not found



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