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April Digest 2014

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April Digest 2014

The following digest covers the month of April 1st - April 30th 2014.

Team Changes

    [*] has joined as a Script Developer.


Development Highlights

    [*]Added 2014 Ragexe Client Packet Data (910becd) [*]Added support for enum bg_queue_types to the HPMHookGen(1e635c3) [*]Implemented official support for level 175 (5a5a327)
      [*]Add official Job stats bonus and fix old class (pre-re and re got same stats bonus) [*]Add official stats points for lvl 150 to 175 [*]Add new max_parameter for Extend Classes max stats 125 [*]Change max stats points for the 3rd classes to 130 [*]Add official Experience table for all classes [*]Add Star Gladiator official renewal exp table

    [*]Minor Changes in @atcommands (69ca0aa)

      [*]Reallocated and added checks in @jumpto, @jump, @mapmove in order to increase performance
      * Checks are now made to avoid unnecessary lookups and unnecessary warps [*]Corrected return failure values of @zeny [*]Added messages to
      * ATclearcart
      > Warns that it's not possible to clean a cart while vending
      * ATshowmobs
      > Asks user to enter a mob name/id and warns if the mob name is invalid
      * ATgstorage
      > Warns when another guild member is using the gstorage [*]Fixed issue where while using storage/gstorage and then refreshing would close the storage
      but only for the client, the server wouldn't now and this would cause the guild storage to
      remain locked and the character without ability to do anything.

    [*]Rewritten NSI_UNIQUE_ID system (dd49dbc)

      [*]Gets rid of the cross-database inter-reg dependency [*]Removes the need for map-server to access the inter-reg table to store the last used ID. [*]Login, char and map databases can now be hosted separately. [*]Note: the unique_id structure has changed, and it now contains the generator character ID in its upper 32 bits.

    [*]Added version screen to the Travis output (9bfc1bb) [*]Added sysinfo (System Information) functionalities (7b12dd0)

      [*]More informative messages are displayed during startup, to make it
      easier to identify what system and environment Hercules is running. [*]Git/SVN revision detection is improved, separating the source version
      (cached at compile time) from the runtime version, in case the user
      updated their working copy without recompiling the server. Git
      version detection is also more reliable, in case a non-default branch
      is used. [*]The get_revision script command has been removed (as it was useless
      to begin with, after the switch to git). An alternative will be
      provided later, for feature-probing purposes. [*]The patch was tested under Linux (Gentoo / gcc 4.7 on i686 and x86_64,
      Debian 6 / gcc 4.4 on i686, Raspbian / gcc 4.6 on armv6l, CentOS 5 /
      gcc 4.1 on i686, CentOS 6 / gcc 4.4 on x86_64, Linux Mint 15 / gcc 4.7
      on x86_64, OS X Mountain Lion / clang 5.0 and gcc 4.8 on x86_64,
      Cygwin-NT-5.1/gcc 4.8 on i686, FreeBSD 8 / gcc 4.2 on i386, FreeBSD 9
      / gcc 4.2 on amd64, FreeBSD 10 / clang 3.3 on amd64, NetBSD 5 / gcc
      4.1 on i386, NetBSD 6 / gcc 4.5 on amd64, OpenBSD 5 / gcc 4.2 on
      amd64, Solaris 11 / gcc 4.5 on i86pc, Windows 7 / Visual Studio 2012
      on x86, Windows 8 / Visual Studio 2010 on WOW64, Windows 8.1 / Visual
      Studio 2013 on WOW64.

    [*]Fix - Do not allow players to attack while sitting (be0de5a, 0e58529) [*]Added sanity checks in itemboundretrieve_sub (7dab561) [*]Fixed some compiler/analyzer warnings (f4a566f) [*]Added UTF-8 BOM detection (694d32a)


Scripting Highlights

    [*]Updated official monster spawns - Malaya & Biolab 4 (03949b9)


NPC / Database Highlights

    [*]Update official healing items (0604877) [*]Many item scripts update - official (03949b9)


April Statistics

    [*]During the period there were 39 Commits. [*]Of these 39 commits, 14 included bug-fixes. [*]4 Commits from Pull Requests [*]In this month, there were 239,516 Additions and 236,182 Deletions.

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Yes! Finally I contribute something useful.


Good job to all!

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