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Alayne's Resume

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Current status: UNAVAILABLE
Who am I?

Hi all. My name's Alayne (also known as Eirel, Nyliar, Oyrin, depending on the origin...).

I'll put here some resume of me, cause I'm looking for a part-time "job" on a RO staff.

I'm a french developper (irl) and scripter (ig). I've worked for several french servers, which you may not know.

I hope you'll excuse the mistake I will surely made during this presentation, as english is not my native language (but I'll do as much effort as I can to prevent them to sneak into my text).


What can I do for you?
  I've created around 450-500 scripts, going from basic quest to complete systems or instances.
 I've covered almost every part of the script creation, going from variable to bitwise using. I think I can work pretty quickly and, I hope (and have corresponding returns) not so badly.
 I can also manage server db (mob, items, achievement...) with corresponding client side modification (on txt or lua versions), global sql database, existing scripts maintenance and so on


Honestly, working 12h a day, I will have some period without connexions. You're warned.
But passed this "problem", I can be connected 12h a day on forum to keep in touch with players.
Working on developpement irl, I can also made modifications or developpement directly at my job place, which enable quick reactions no matter what. Simply see me as some kind of ermit. you know I'm there, but you don't always see me.


   -Pretty much easy going
I think that criticism must be correct and usefull.
If that's the case, it won't be a problem. On the other hand, if I judge that one does not correspond to what I'm expecting, two case can arrived:
If it's not correct, speaking about me, my job, or another staff member, I'll give a sanction.
If it's not usefull even after I asked for it, I'll simply won't take it into account.


I also like to give my own opinion to every point. It can be positive or negative, but if you ask me something, I'll answer you.
What are your limits?
As I said in a previous part, my work and my family life will always be more important than my "part-time job". If you can't agree this, please, do not send me a message.


Be friendly to me, and I'll be friendly to you.
Don't mess with me. Even if I'm pretty patient, when it comes to a no return point, I can be really harsh.
Some preferences?
After 3 servers which I join with funny or sympathic staffs members, but really lazy or simply missing, I WANT a team who can do what it is supposed to do. I won't handle everything alone, even for the players sake...Not one more time.
I've worked for LR, MR, HR and even RHR (really high rates).
But my preferences will go to HR, starting from middle MR.
Also, the server has to accept custom content. I won't make anything alone, I'll always work according to the staff discussion, but it's useless to hire me simply to debug official existing scripts. I'm more of a creative guy.
As I know it's pretty hard to get a running server, I'd prefer to join a team with an already existing population. Not necessarily 700 players, but a minimum size is more likely to be accepted


Examples of my work?
-What can I bring to your server?
As I said, I've created lots of work.
The more recent I can talk about are a Long Run Dungeon based on Sword Art Online, corresponding roughly to Aincrad in a North Mythology adaptation.
I've also recreated a Trading Card Game, based on Greed Island arc from Hunter x Hunter.
Finally, I have dozens of quests (headgear to Lengendary Quest), and 7 customs instances
-Anything more?
Feel free to ask some example from me.
How can I be contacted?


Skype: alaynero
Email: [email protected]<script type="text/javascript"> /* */ </script>


Feel free to send me a message ^^


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