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[Salve Info] Shake/Quake Skill Effect Remove Hex, v1.1 - last updated 2010/11/20

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Since some people were asking for this... this hex patch removes all visual shake effects, which happen when casting Heaven's Drive, Explosion Spirits and similar skills.



This patch is cross-client compatible, tested with 2009-06-17Sakexe (oh, this one is exactly 1 year old now), 2010-03-24cRagexeRE and 2010-06-16RagexeRE so it should work with all known RE clients since then, up to 2010-08-11bRagexeRE. If you happen to need it on an older client, where it does not work, post the desired client version.


Known issues:




2010-08-18aRagexeRE ~ ?:


F: D9442404D95904D944240CD9590CD9442408D95908C20C00CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC8B442404R: C20C0090D95904D944240CD9590CD9442408D95908C20C00CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC2140090 


2009-06-17aSakexe ~ 2010-08-11bRagexeRE:


F: 558BEC8B45088B55108941048B450C89510C8941085DC20C0090909090909090558BECR: C20C008B45088B55108941048B450C89510C8941085DC20C0090909090909090C21400 


2007-09-04aSakexe ~ 2007-10-17bSakexe:


F: C390909090558BEC8B4508568BF1894604R: C390909090C214008B4508568BF1894604 


If you are unsure about, how to apply this, read Hexing#Find-Replace_Hexing.






- 1.1 Added hex for VC9-flavored clients.

- 1.0 Initial release.




Original; http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=249328&st=0&p=1358549entry1358549



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