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Looking for 20140416 client (full), ragexe and xdiff.


I stumbled across this which led me to look at the .h file which lead me to the conclusion that I should be AOK to use the client version dated 2014, 04, 16.

I fully intend to do some google searching on the matter hoping to stumble upon the full client version which I will then put to use, but before I did that I wanted to cover all of my bases by asking here as well.


I was able to get the server setup and have it running (which is pretty sweet, I can't wait to fun around with it), but my problem is finding a client that will run.

I tried this link but the date is for august 1st of this year and I don't see packet information for that in the header (not feeling confident enough to test the waters in that case). So to that end I need 3 things:


The full client download for 2014 04 16, the xDiff, and the ragexe (which I had hoped to find myself here but no love).


If anyone can direct me to them I would be appreciative. Sorry for such a noob post (probably the answer is already present in the forum somewhere and I just haven't seen it yet).



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The last stable client for now is 2014-02-05 client.


I see in your other post you already download ossi's client 2013-12-23.

That is a good start to get any 2014 client (i use that too, and update it to 2014-02-05).


This is the way how to get it :

1. you have to update your client data by running rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe (already included in ossi's client)

  after patch process complete, just close the patcher (do not choose start)

2. download 2014-02-05 ragexe from : http://k3dt.eu/Ragexe/unpacked/

3. patch that 2014-02-05 client with NEMO Patcher : http://herc.ws/board/topic/2905-nemo-client-patcher/

4. put the patched ragexe in your Ragnarok client directory.

5. you got 2014-02-05 client. use the patched ragexe to start your client.

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