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funtwocrasher Services

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Available (Feel free to message me or comment below)





Contact details:

Skype: funtwocrasher.ro
Email: [email protected]
FB: https://www.facebook...untwocrasher.ro




Short Background:

I found myself very interested in developing a game, sooner or later I will develop a game of my own smile.png BUT for now, I will stay helping RO Community.



Portuguese, English, Filipino



• RO Developer Server Side ( eAmod / rAmod / eAthena / 3ceAm / rAthena / Hercules )

• Client Side

• Web developer ( Flux CP / Ceres CP / CSS website / html website)

• Scripter

• Designer (Thor Patcher / Loading Screens / Login Screens)



• RO Developer Client/Server side (6 years)


Previous Work:

Sienna Infinity RO (Down)

Primitive RO (Down)

NeonRO (Down)

BoomRO (Down)

PHRO (Down)

NaziRO (Down)

IndonesianRO (Down)

TwinkleRO (Down)

bRO (Down)

AztecRO (Down)

AtecRO (Down)
NoobRO (Down)

MixRO (Down)

NeuRO (Down)

TemplarRO (Down)

DarkRO (Up)

VanhildRO (Down)

FlawlessRo (Down)

NeoRO (Down)



Coding stuff (C++/Visual Basic), Modifying scripts, Making own scripts, Testing and applying some RO modifications, Playing Games (Dota2) ani_gg.gif

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