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2014-10-22, Roulette and per-char gender!

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Whats the command to use it?



Great job, always with news.


Don't forget the GM Interface for Cash Shop Control



That's not implemented

(Maybe because it's not yet a complete feature coded in client itself)

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:( Sad... Vending Skill, do not work in this client ... I tested now using the latest version of Hercules. With this client when I click "OK" to open the store, nothing happens and the character is locked even if you cancel the skill.

Using a client of 2013 this error does not occur. Does anyone know how to fix?


Yes, it's not working. :(


Can anyone confirm if the vending skill is already working on the latest version of Hercules using this client? or was it fixed earlier? Thanks

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Im having a little issue with the Lucky Roulette.


The bronze works just fine however the silver & gold dont work.


As you can see in the screenshot below, i have 5 points in silver and 5 points in gold, when pressing start i get the message shown in the chat window.


When i put bronze points on it works just fine.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.



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Pls help me for Lucky Roulette:

- Where is SQL?

- I lose my prize if my client crash, or disconect.

- I lose all my silver, gold points if i restart my server.

- How can i check logs?


Thank u so much!!!!

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