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PvP Ladder

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File Name: PvP Ladder

File Submitter: Happy

File Submitted: 28 Nov 2014

File Category: PvP, WoE, GvG, & Battleground


This is a script by Stolao from rAthena. The original versions by him doesn't work well as he was not able to actually test things.

As I was trying to use it, I found the bugs and decided to fix them for release here in Hercules as I've noticed we do not have a ladder here.


@Stolao, if you see this I am sorry for fixing your script without permission and for releasing my unofficial version of it here. Let me know if you need me to take this down and I will be happy to do so.




So basically its a simple PvP Ladder that is using arrays & player permanent variable instead of custom SQL table to store the ranking.

  • GMs/Admins can reset the ranking
  • Players can view the ranking
  • Configurable option to give #Pvppoints or any variable for use on a shop/npc which is not included here.
  • Configurable anti repeat kill abuse, disable/enable on WoE, Announce, Max Players to Rank
  • @PvpLadder to easily view ranks

So yeah, All credits to Stolao, I mainly just made it work by fixing the bugs and debugging. I apologize if its not as clean as it should be, I was kinda in rush when i fixed it. I'll probably clean it up when I get some time.


github(if you want to help improve it): https://github.com/happyme9/AthenaScripts


Click here to download this file

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Nope just normal announce, there is a script that does dota announce but I doubt if its still working for Hercules.


still working if you are talking dota pvp announcer script maam annie

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[SQL]: DB error - Table 'main.global_reg_value' doesn't exist[Debug]: at script.c:14946 - DELETE FROM `global_reg_value` WHERE `str` = 'pl_pkcount' 

Do u have the table?


I only have


global_acc_reg_num_dband thisglobal_acc_reg_str_db 


Edited by karazu

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hi 'Happy' can you add something on your script like... when the player get killed he gonna lose 1point and if he is in rank 1 with 199 and the rank 2 with 198 and the rank 1 killed twice his points will be decreased to 197 and automatically downgrade the rank to 2.


is it possible?

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Hello Happy,


Is it possible to add a "Lose points" feature when killed by another player?

Also, does this script works on rAthena?


Hope you can answer my questions,

Thanks in advance.

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