[Sad News] Philippine Ragnarok Online Closure

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Good day to all of you guys!


A sad news here in philippines that Ragnarok Online Philippine service will be close at March 31, 2015 - The death of pRO meet it's end.






Not actually the death, since there will be new server in iRO where all pRO acccounts will be moved, so that iRO would be new pRO

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I heard, accounts will be transferred but not the equips, cards and items, and they will increase fhe xp and drops for the time being.

I see, I thought all the data will be transferred. 


If that is the case then whats the point of transferring it if its just EMPTY...

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I'm not sad at all. Philippine Ragnarok Online used to be great during its first 2-3 years. Right after that, bots have became a huge problem and the management of this game didn't do shit about it up until now since all they care about is to gain profit.

The side effect of this is that players started to leave one by one until it's became a handful after another handful of leavers due to the fact that they realize that the game is not fun to play anymore since they often see bots rather than actual players using their virtual characters.

It's good that they've closed it already. Kim Hakkyu created a beautiful game, and the ones who replaced him messed it up by doing nothing about the botting problem. Also, the addition of renewal classes, which is not what the creator had in mind really divided the community. That is why we have pre-renewal and renewal servers.

It's about time they stopped the suffering of this creation. Byebye pRO, it was really fun.

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