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Status: Semi-Available
But if you have any questions regarding the server/client side, I'll try to help you just add me up!  /no1
Positions desired:
Web Developer (I'm really into web-based programming)
Developer (Client and Server Side)
Head GM (Optional)
Event GM (Optional)
Contact information:
Skype : luke.go
Email: [email protected]
Languages spoken:
English (Fluent)
Tagalog (Native)
Age and/or Date of birth:
Age: 24
Born: May 10 1992
Hobbies and Interests:
Playing computer games
Watching Movies
Playing Guitar/Piano
In Server Side : (Almost 5 years)
Hosting Configs ( Modify/Install/Transfer stuffs in VPS(Virtual Pricate Server) / Dedicated Servers)
Scripter/Server Modification(NPC,DBs,Configs)
Custom Modifications (Adding/Customizing Sprites/Items )
Hexing Client/ Client Modification(Fonts/Color/Skins)
weekdays: 2 to 3 hrs GMT + 8 ( Skype / YM / Forum )
weekends: 3 to 5 hrs GMT + 8 ( Skype / YM / Forum )
Most probably 18:00hrs Onwards
Servers that i've worked with :
- NationsRO (Web Dev) > http://nations-ro.ragnarok.so/
- WoonRO (Scripter/Dev) > http://woon-ro.com
Brief personal profile:
- I started playing Ragnarok Online from 2003 - 2008, on those years I learned a lot what really Ragnarok is and what is the Gameplay of it. I started to become a GM from 2008-2012 and made my own server but I became busy in University that's why I closed my server but now I'm ready to work again on this field again because I already graduated from University and want to continue my hobbies which is Scripting/Programming.
My server preference:
24/7 Online and Stable

Well-planned and for a long time run
Any rate will do as long as it's balance
Busy Server
Already have a staff that I can work with
Staffs are dedicated to run a server
Note: If you are interested just email me at [email protected] Hoping that i can work with you soon :)

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