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[Instance] Instanced Farming Zones

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File Name: [utility Instance] Instanced Farming Zones

File Submitter: Aeromesi
File Submitted: 25 Sep 2016
File Category: Utility

[utility Instance] Instanced Farming Zones

So what exactly is my Instanced Farming Zones?


  • Random Item, Dead Branch, Bloody Branch,Gold, and Oridicon/Elunium Farming Zones all for your own player! Never wait to get into a Farming Room!
  • Configure how many minutes player has until they can do Re-Entry.
  • Easily Configure % Rate at which they obtain items, if they don't obtain the Max Limit of items, the instance will close.
  • Set Max Limit to how much they can Farm.
  • Set the MobIDs. What you want them to fight.
  • If you use AoE it'll think you're abusing and kick you from the Farm Zone, to prevent from reaching over your maximum limit.

    /* Bloody Branch Information/How-To Setup: 
    'BBRate - The rate at which they obtain the Dead Branches, which is in %. So 50 = 50%. 
    .BBDelayMin - Controls Time Limit of Re-entering: 1 = 1 Minute, 2 = 2 Minute, etc. 
    .MaxBBLimit - Max amount of Bloody Branches they can Farm until instance is complete, if they don't reach max amount they just complete the instance. 
    MOB1ID/MOB2ID - Select the ID of the monster you want. 
    MOB1AM/MOB2AM - Select the Amount of designated Monsters you want to spawn. NOTE: Don't make the .MaxBBLimit exceed the total amount of monsters you selected to spawn. Otherwise, they will never reach the Max Limit. 
    All other variables do not touch, especially the Count, and the Start. ('Farm_Count and 'Farm_Start) */

Click here to download this file

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